Building Maintenance

SERAPIS integrated facility management services can be combined into one single solution. A service of a segment can sustain services in other segments, ensuring efficiency and optimization activities.


SERAPIS allocate for each client, a team of integrated services, which act in the respective location, offering maximum control over activity, flexibility and speed of reaction.

The main Serapis Facility Management Services are:

Cost ControlContract ManagementFinancial ControlOther specific administrative activities
– Obtain the best prices from subcontractors;
– Eliminate unjustified expenses;
– Management of subcontractors and suppliers through Service Level Agreements (SLA);
– Proposals for reducing consumption and improving buildings performance;
– Budgeting of investment (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OpEx);
– Recording, monitoring and interpretation of utilities consumption;
– Lease contract management;
– Supervising the use of rented spaces;
– Administrative actions, according to the lease and the law, in order to protect the interests and rights of the owner;
– Assistance renting;
– Monitoring compliance and contractual provisions by tenants;
– Organizing regular meetings with tenants for optimal management of housing contracts;
– Invoicing tenants and collecting;
– Recovery payments from tenants;
– Monitoring tenant’s guarantees, including notifications;
– Data collection and financial reports, according to customer requirements;
– Developing and updating budgets;
– Estimating budgets and updating them as needed.
– Interfacing between owners, tenants and authorities;
– Provide periodic to owners detailed information regarding the condition of the buildings, the costs and expenditures, with proposals for measures to reduce operational costs;
– Issuing reports on warranty issues, supporting customers throughout the warranty of buildings and equipments
– Lease management and contact with tenants;
– Drafting the manual building;
– Management plans for emergencies and the operating rules of the building.