Professional Services through Efficiency, Quality, Cost-Effective in BEST CONDITIONS

Serapis is an active player on the cleaning services market since 1999 and aims at providing the best services and at the same time efficiency, quality and promptitude in BEST CONDITIONS!


Building Maintenance

Verify in detail the equipments for technical malfunctions. Serapis can carry out maintenance services for:

- lighting/electrical systems
- heating systems
- air conditioning systems
- sanitation
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Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for offices or other similar enclosed areas:

- cleaning services for industrial spaces, factory workshops
- cleaning services for exterior spaces
- stained glass washing
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Waste Management

- Maintaining the trash cans cleaned and labeled accordingly.
- The endowment of the trash cans with resistant bags.
- Collecting waste by type of material.
- Maintaining the storage area clean.
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Green Space Maintenance

- Planting and maintenance turf
- Watering and fertilizing periodically
- Trimming depending on season
- Soil preparation
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Pest Control

They are used in order to eliminate rats, mice that produce discomfort or damages, reducing their number to a minimum level that does not cause economic damages.
In order to obtain the maximum efficiency, we must perform the hygienically cleanness of the potential hiding places for rats, mice and other destructive mammals belonging to Rodent order.
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Disinfection Services

These services are performed indoor, in offices or industrial spaces, using 2 methods:

- wet spraying – using Vermorel devices, manually operated
- aerosol spraying – using Atomizor STIHL 400
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