We want a country with zero waste, too! 




We want a country with zero waste, too!  .

Quality of the environment is not just a meaningless phrase for our company. With constant and lasting efforts we are trying to be a model for the communities where we operate. 

Because our constant concern for the environment, five years ago Serapis participated with volunteers and materials to a first “Let’s do it, Romania” action.

Since then, our company has been involved in all the activities of the organization and today we are proud that, in  time, we became a reliable partner of the project.

In these five years of collaboration, volunteer teams of Serapis and the other participants, went to various locations, including the Păuleşti Forest, Corlatesti Area – East Ploiesti and many others.

Serapis will continue supporting “Let’s Do It, Romania!” actions and other projects with impact on environmental quality.


About Let’s Do It Romania

“Let’s Do It Romania” is the largest social movement in Romania, with more than 1.4 million volunteers involved in 7 years of activity. Their aim is a country with zero waste.

Romania was the 4th country in the community “Let`s Do It, World!” who had the courage to organize such action and has now become a model for other countries around the globe.


About Serapis

Serapis offers Facility Management solutions, unified, customer-specific depending on business requirements, substantial technical facilities and infrastructure management and related services.

Our vision is to become a long-term strategic partner of our customers, ensuring efficiency, reliability, best practices, continuous innovation and improvement of service delivery based on the principles of sustainability and durability in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Serapis Integrated Facility Management Company SA is co-founder of 21stFM alliance that provides integrated management of facilities in 8 different countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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