Serapis Integrated Facility Management SA won the 1st rank




Serapis Integrated Facility Management SA won the 1st rank .

Serapis Integrated Facility Management SA won the 1st rank in the National Private Companies Awards in Romania for for medium-sized enterprise category. It was based on criteria such as global performance, productivity, turnover and gross profit.

Serapis IFM SA is a Romanian-owned company, being active since 1999 in the field of professional maintenance of buildings, cleaning, disinfection, pest control (for insects and rodents), maintenance of green space, cleaning of industrial equipment and waste management.

For the company, wining the 1st place for medium size enterprises category  in the National Private Companies Awards in Romania organized by the National Small and Medium Enterprises Private Council is a confirmation of the success of the vision that guided its activity in the 20 years of his existence. Serapis has never compromise its principles such as seriousness, respect for professional ethics and customer respect. The increase of the turnover by over 17% and the preservation of the organizational performance was confirmed by the prizes received from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, including its Brasov Branch, for Integrated Facility Management services.

“Positioning our company first in this national top, at the beginning of the year when we are celebrating 20 years of existence, honors us and confirms that Serapis IFM SA is a trustworthy partner for its customers. We will continue our business in the future, respecting the standards of ethics, quality and professionalism that we implement in every field of our activity, paying special attention to the environment and to the communities in which we operate. Thus, Serapis team, consisting of nearly 300 employees plus its collaborators, managed the properties of our beneficiaries, to the highest degree of professionalism, timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness, the results confirming these aspects. The results honor us, of course, but we are equally responsible to continue what we started, which is our assuming objective, our engagement to all partners and collaborators we have, “says Mrs Cristina Mihai, General Manager of Serapis IFM SA.

Of course, our employees’ input was essential to our business and performance, and our management has been oriented to continue to deliver quality services, based on customer requirements fulfillness and the correct management of global budgets and criteria.

In this context, it should be noted that Serapis IFM with a 100% Romanian share capital, which has managed to achieve these performances through seriousness, continuously assumed education, experience and much work, in a complex market that developed with the entry of Romania in the European Union and where competition is sometimes uneven (referring to globalization versus Romanian capital).

Serapis IFM is co-founder of the 21 FM Alliance, which provides integrated facility management in 8 different countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This alliance was set up to participate and win global auctions, as it was happened, confirming the success on the foreign market as well.

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