We are proud to support a successful educational project




We are proud to support a successful educational project .

Serapis and his team understand to get involved and return to the community, but also to future generations, his success. Part of the profit obtained is reinvested each year especially in successful projects in the field of education or arts.

Constanţa Ruşinaru is the brain and the soul behind the successful educational project Belle Languages ​​in Ploieşti. It is an honor and a privilege for us to support such projects. The greater the satisfaction when partners appreciate the support they offer.

“We have been working with Serapis for nearly 6 years of education. Last year, we had an important German book fund, about 100 volumes. The children enrolled in German language courses also benefited from them. It’s about 100 children. All these materials help and encourage the development of communication and understanding skills in German.

This year, we received from Serapis the latest publications – National Geographic. It’s about Reading Explorer. 21st Century Communication, 21st Century Reading, materials that help develop the skills of critical thinking. Serapis also supported us for the acquisition of Close-up course support (B1-C2 level in support of Cambridge KET-CAE exams) – Gymnasium course support; Life – Adult Course Support (Level A1-C1).

The book fund of Cambridge University Press has also been supplemented and I have received books that contain the latest edits to prepare the Cambridge YLE Exams – Fun for Starters / Movers and Flyers as well as StoryFun.

All the materials contain multimedia support, which makes the course of our courses interactive at the educational level and meets the European educational standards and exigencies.

Given that we were honored to be awarded by Cambridge English as “The Best Center in the Country Using Cambridge University Press Genuine Materials,” we wanted to continue and maintain this level by improving our educational resources whenever we have opportunity.

Our goal is to offer the best services to children coming to us to prepare for a Cambridge exam. The support received from Serapis is more than welcome and it is important to achieve this goal. ”

Constanţa Ruşinaru, Manager Belle Languages ​​Ploieşti

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