We support passion projects. With “Alături de voi”




We support passion projects. With “Alături de voi” .

Social responsibility is for Serapis IFM an area in which we frequently invest and results are never far away. When you know that even equipment and consumables for our company generates an added value for our disadvantaged fellows, satisfaction becomes even greater.

Serapis IFM and “Alături de voi” Foundation work together successfully for several years and, through procurement of working equipment and other goods sold through social enterprises, we managed, together, to change the lives of over 150,000 people in poor communities in Romania.

These disadvantaged young people that join the family of ADV (Alături de voi) Youth Club, develop professional, intellectual and emotional skills through UtilDeco workshops. After that, with an integrated package of social services and with the help of the JobDirect agency, they find a job in social enterprises or other domains, and so they are integrated into the community, proving that there are no differences between people but different perceptions.

We are proud to use equipments and supplies manufactured to the highest standards by young people with disabilities, coming from orphanages or affected by other social problems. By this we prove that social responsibility creates unit and the unit generates good changes.

About Foundation Alături de voi”

Foundation “Alături de voi” Romania (ADV) is a nongovernmental organization, a social insertion enterprise, founded in February 2002 by Holt International Children’s Service USA, whose mission is the inclusion of people with HIV and from other vulnerable groups.

ADV Romania is the first organization in the country that founded in 2008, the Social Insertion Enterprise UtilDeco, which, over time, has created over 100 jobs, of which at least 40% for persons with disabilities.

ADV Romania has run for 15 years, over 75 projects/programs with funding of international organizations, local authorities and own funds. Foundation programs carried out at local, regional and national level, but also cross-border/ transnational level, are in social services and the social economy, being developed over time, innovative services oriented inclusion and employment of vulnerable groups, especially young people.


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