Belle Languages, a successful project supported (also) by Serapis




Belle Languages, a successful project supported (also) by Serapis .

A friendly environment and a strong community has its premises in education. You can’t appreciate beautiful things around you if you don’t understand the efforts being made every day so that they exist. 

One of the constant concerns of Serapis in the communities where we operate is to support effective educational projects. In Ploiesti we have discovered an unique initiative of some kind-hearted and enterprising people, the ​​“Belle Languages” Center.

They showed us that any language, no matter how difficult it may seem, is more beautiful when it’s taught with love and dedication. There, at Belle Languages Center, the ​​courses are interactive and the results are best.

Serapis supported Belle Languages​​ society with educational materials in German to increase opportunities for children to learn the language as quickly as possible.


About Belle Languages

​​Belle Languages, the Foreign Language Center in Ploiesti, was founded in 2012 and was born from the desire to give everyone, regardless of age, the chance to learn a foreign language effectively in an environment of professionalism and friendship.

BELLE LANGUAGES courses ensure the fact that a foreign language can be learned easily and pleasure when there is desire on your part and dedication and professionalism on teachers part.

Only at Belle Languages ​​teaching is based on the needs of the client and his learning style, as they are the only distributors of specialized language trainings: oil extraction, technical language, business, in Ploiesti.

Both teaching and tests are according with the Common European Framework for Languages ​​for References.


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