We believe in a cleaner world




We believe in a cleaner world .

Based on the company’s values, our aim is to improve the social dimension, but also the environment in which we operate.

Our company uses professional substances, materials and equipments, mainly industrial, which have the EC origin or they’re worldwide recognized brands for quality products, guaranteeing services by maintaining clean areas so treated. These materials benefit from certified quality and compliance, as well as fact sheets and sheets of health and safety and environmental protection.

We concluded partnerships with suppliers of equipments and professional materials with a large commercial recognition and a certain guarantee of quality.

We list some of these suppliers: Johnson Diversey Tennant Romania, Hako Romania, Stihl Romania, Karcher Romania, WAP / Alto Romania, Tork Romania, CWS Romania, Procter & Gambler Romania, Praktiker Romania, Bricostore Romania, and various dealers of large materials and professional equipment manufacturers.

These providers give us full support in ensuring the supply of materials and equipment provided by them.

We have very good training programs with each of them, so we benefit from permanent training for proper use of the purchased materials and equipments, but we also respect normative acts regulating the activity of hygiene.

The materials used are approved and certified according to international standard requirements management and quality assurance (ISO 9001: 2015), environmental management (ISO 14001: 2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO 18001: 2007).

Serapis uses professional Sealed Air products, American brand since 1960, now present in over 117 countries, which also ensures proper clean of treated surfaces and preservation of its assets so as to achieve maximum quality and be kept in a state as good as possible without being used more than needed.

We also use professional cleaning and hygiene products manufactured by FabiClean, Romanian producer. Quality and efficiency of materials produced are outstanding, complying with all the standards required or imposed by this field.

And, not least, we use equipments or materials for hygiene services, purchasing them from authorized dealers brands Kimberly-Clark, CWS, Tork-Sca, Bokkie Hungary CPI Euromop-Italy, Elsa, Italy, which offer us the guarantee of a fair price for our services.

“Customers ask for our sevices and pay for them if we keep their requirements permanently satisfied and if we periodically exceed their expectations, and we, the Serapis team, we want to come home from work with a clear conscience, because through our activity we protected life, health and physical integrity of others and because we also protected the environment or at least we didn’t contributed to the excessive consumption of natural resources “.

CEO, Cristina Mihai.

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